Borisov Crystal Factory

Belarus, Borisov, Tolstikova Str. 2
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    Technological capacity of Borisov Crystal Factory

    Our wide experience, high quality of articles offered, as well as fresh ideas of our designers implemented into modern-looking products with unique identity make us a reliable partner and glassware/crystalware supplier.

    We can offer:

  • modern gift wrapping (European design)
  • exclusive commemorative articles for certain holidays, special events, celebrations, festivals, or sporting events, as well as over 250 kinds of souvenirs;
  • individual approach to manufacturing articles based on your own drafts or samples, using our technological capacities and various decorating techniques, such as:
    • decorative diamond facet cutting – imposing a certain design using grinding tools of different configurations (diamond facet, wide facet, lenses, scales etc.), as well as polishing of the articles (a design is imposed after chemical  polishing).
    • decal – transferring a design to a new surface. Ceramic paint is used to create a picture that is later cured in the furnace.
    • silk-screen printing – a design or ornament is imposed with ceramic paint through a fine-mesh stencil and later cured at a high temperature.
    • aerography – an aerograph (a paint sprayer) is used to impose a colorful design onto a glass article, which is later cured in a special furnace.
    • sandblasting – certain areas of a glass article are polished with sand under high pressure. To obtain a company's logo or inscription, the design is usually imposed through a stencil.
    • free blowing - Venetian filament (as well as ornament based on it) can be used to obtain a variety of figures from molten glass. This technique involves blowing glass without a mold, which means the glass can shaped in a variety of ways.
    • high enamel manufacture – a special embossing paste is used to impose a design onto an article. This design is later decorated with ceramic paint and outlined with gold.
    • artistic painting – ceramic paint is used to impose a design is imposed onto an article.

    Manufacturing technique

    Crystal manufacturing technique has not changed too much over the last centuries. It still requires hard work and preciseness. Besides resorting to all kinds of machinery, furnaces and other special equipment, Borisov Crystal Factory craftsmen do their best to convey their interpretation of natural beauty for our clients to enjoy new accents in their interior design.

    Borisov Crystal Factory can boast a wide portfolio of high quality glassware (colorless glass) and crystalware, including wine glasses, champagne flutes, shot glasses, tumblers, water and wine sets, flower vases, fruit and cookie vases, as well as gift sets and souvenirs.  

    In the glass-melting furnace of our shop #1 articles from colorless crystal and plated crystal (blue and green) are manufactured. Diamond faceting, chemical polishing and liquid gold preparation can be used to decorate articles made from crystal.

    In our shop #2 articles from colorless glass, both plain and decorated, are manufactured.

    Lead crystal is a kind of glass in which lead oxide contents can vary from 6% to 36%. A 24% content is an international standard, which Borisov Crystal Factory carefully observes.

    Medical glass tubes for medical products, glass ampoules (syringe filling method), as well as various vials for medicinal agents.

    In June 2009, Borisov Crystal Factory it launched the manufacture of medical glass tubes for medical products, such as glass ampoules (syringe filling method), as well as various vials for medicinal agents.

    The technological process of medical products manufacturing represents a full production circle, starting from melting glass in a special furnace to actually obtaining an article that is safe and ready to use.

    Only best equipment is used to ensure high quality and reliability of the products offered, while our production line works round the clock. An electric glass-melting furnace "GlassService", as well as a drawing line by the E. Danner method ("Olivotto", Italy) are used for glass tube manufacturing. Modern lines (OCMI s.p.a., Spain) are used in the manufacture of ampoules and vials.

    Borisov Crystal Factory manufactures glass products marked ХТ-1 ГОСТ 19808-86 ("medical glass"). Glass of this kind is considered neutral and belongs to the first hydrolytic class. There is no other country in the CIS that manufactures glass of this kind.

    The following medical products are available:

  • Glass tube for medical products (ТУ BY 600012031.002-2009)
  • Glass ampoules (syringe filling method) for medicinal agents (ТУ BY 600012031.003-2009)
  • Glass tube vials for medicinal agents (ТУ BY 600012031.001-2009)