Borisov Crystal Factory

Belarus, Borisov, Tolstikova Str. 2
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Our history

    Modern history

    Borisov Crystal Factory is a leader in manufacturing high quality glassware and crystalware. We can boast a wide production portfolio of high quality products, including flower vases, fruit vases, wine glasses and champagne flutes, tumblers, shot glasses, jugs, carafes, decanters, catering glassware, high-end articles with rich diamond facets, plating and engraving, as well as gift sets, souvenirs and exclusive articles.  

    Borisov Crystal Factory is known worldwide! It works mainly with wholesale distributors and retail stores, as well as public catering establishments.

    In 2009 Borisov Crystal Factory opened new trade representations:

  • In Latvia -  SIA «BORISOV CRYSTALL» (Riga)
  • In Azerbaijan – ООО «Torgoviy dom «AZNEMAN-BHZ»

    Historical landmarks


    The production of glass tube for medical products, glass ampoules and glass tube vials was launched. Glass tube complies with the standard ТУ BY 600012031.002-2009, while glass ampoules (syringe filling method) and glass tube vials for medicinal agents comply with standards ТУ BY 600012031.003-2009 and ТУ BY 600012031.001-2009 respectively.

    Borisov Crystal Factory became the only manufacturer of this kind of products in Belarus, and from that point on was to satisfy 100% of the market demand for ampoules and vials in Belarus.

    An electric glass-melting tank furnace for crystal was put into operation, featuring three working tanks with an output of over 6 tons of glass per day.


    The quality of Borisov crystal improved significantly thanks to the implementation of a new improved melting furnace. It allowed saving 80 cubic meters of gas per hour when melting glass.


    Furnace #1 was reconstructed, and three working tanks were added. These measures contributed to the overall improvement of molten glass quality and allowed reducing gas consumption by 25-30%. A new furnace was launched in the same year.


    The factory launched the manufacture of exclusive articles for sale; it also resumed the manufacture of articles over 1 meter in height and up to 30 kg in weight.


    The period characterized by fast development and transformation, which all ensured today's popularity of the factory. Borisov Crystal Factory mastered the manufacture of over 2000 new kinds of articles.


    Borisov Crystal Factory celebrated its 100th anniversary.


    The factory started to increase the volume of delivery to the CIS countries. It became a participant of a European program "Partnership for Progress", being awarded the Grand-Prix (Italy, 1998).

    Early 80-s

    Borisov Crystal Factory became the first and the largest manufacturer of export products. It worked with foreign companies from the Arab East manufacturing and exporting 20 million articles a year. By the mid-eighties, the factory had become the largest in the USSR among glass- and crystal manufacturing, with production volume exceeding 75 million articles per year.


    A new batch house with fully mechanized production processes appeared. A cardboard working area was put into operation. The factory switched to fuel oil. It was the first case in the USSR when crystal glass melting was mastered in a tank furnace fueled by black oil fuel. The factory's best products could be seen during the 1977 exhibition, and were awarded the Golden Eagle Prize.


    A colorless glass shop is put into operation.


    The factory's products were awarded the First Class Certificate during the all-USSR exhibition in Moscow "Art and everyday life"


    A new six-pot furnace for melting colored glass and crystal was put into operation. The deep etching technique became popular. It allowed improving the quality and appearance of the products.


    The factory was re-born for the third time and its first products saw the light. During the first several years following the end of the war, the factory specialized in colorless glass articles.


    Automatic glass edging and edge-melting machines were installed in the factory.


    The factory was awarded the government contract for manufacturing export glass articles. The very first batches were exported to Egypt, Turkey, Afghanistan, later becoming known to people in Great Britain, France and Germany.


    A tank furnace for bottles along with a mechanized grinding-and-polishing shop were launched. The factory started to manufacture high quality glassware and prime quality lamp glass.


    The factory was restored, but faced some serious lack of equipment. There were just 80 employees working there, and the factory's profile included window glass and small-size tableware.


    The city was invaded by the Polish. The factory's owner Kraevskiy returned soon and had to restore the factory after the occupation.


    Borisov was occupied by German troops.


    The manufacture of Belarusian craftsmen became known beyond the borders of the country. The factory's crystal articles were first awarded a medal during a Paris exhibition.


    The factory was renamed into Borisov Crystal Factory.


    The factory was commonly referred to as "The Glass Guta" (guta – free glass blowing technique), until the new owners arrived and renamed it into Borisov Crystal Enterprise.


    Borisov Crystal Factory was founded by a Minsk merchant Kabanov. He chose a cozy spot on the bank of the Berezina river, based on the factory's future needs for fuel, river sand, railway communication and favorable river traffic ways (the Berezina and the Dnieper). It wasn't long until the factory's products gained popularity with many people.

    Borisov Crystal Factory has remained in existence despite all the difficulties it had to face many times throughout its history. Today it's a flourishing business that provides jobs for almost two thousand people and takes pride in the products manufactured.   Following an extensive and quite challenging period in its history, the factory is quickly gaining respect and popularity in the world, manufacturing high quality glassware and crystalware to ensure every customer's satisfaction.