Borisov Crystal Factory

Belarus, Borisov, Tolstikova Str. 2
+ 375 177 73-43-13

General information

    We are glad to be of service to you!

    Borisov Crystal Factory is one of Borisov's oldest factories whose history is particularly rich in traditions. It was over a 100 years ago when the factory's first manufacture, which was notable for exceptionally high quality, low prices and skilful produce, appeared in homes of the first lucky buyers.

    Today it's a modern quickly developing factory with a diversified production profile.

    The products of Borisov Crystal Factory have always been in high demand not only in the country's national market, but also in the neighboring countries, most CIS countries, as well as England, Germany, Finland, Canada, Japan, France and Cuba.

    Most original solutions of professional designers and artists are used in the manufacture of seemingly ordinary articles of everyday use. Such articles as flower vases, fruit vases, shot glasses, wine glasses, champagne flutes, tumblers, decanters, carafes, jugs and other catering glassware and other stemware are always of a very high quality while still being quite affordable. Each article is made with love, which is why numerous gift sets, souvenirs and other exclusive articles will surely become an integral part of your interior design.

    Best craftsmen and glass artists carry on the tradition this factory embodies, while younger generations of professionals implement new solutions interpreting the beauty of the surrounding objects in a modern way. 

Our factory takes pride in the talent, hard work and skill of highly professional craftsmen working here.

The articles made by finest Belarusian craftsmen working in Borisov have been exhibited in 24 countries of the world during international exhibitions and trade fairs. In most cases, they were awarded medals and certificates of excellence.

For over 112 years the factory has enjoyed its reputation as a reliable trade partner. A significant percentage of its manufacture is currently exported to Russia, France, Sweden, Estonia, Bulgaria, Poland, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Turkmenistan, Moldova, as well as many other countries.

    Our factory's portfolio includes over 4,000 kinds of articles. There are two shops operating, with almost 1,500 employees working there.

    Throughout its history, the factory has always set high standards doing everything possible to keep pace with the times. In 2009, it launched the manufacture of medical glass tubes for medical products, such as glass ampoules (syringe filling method), as well as various vials for medicinal agents.

    We make every effort to:

  • raise the standards and improve the quality of our manufacture;
  • implement new technologies
  • widen the range of products made of crystal, as well as colored and colorless glass

    Borisov Crystal Factory can offer:

  • custom-manufactured articles;
  • original technical solutions and designs;
  • individual approach: imposing logos or inscriptions (corporate design, advertising materials;
  • commemorative souvenirs for individuals and organizations) on the articles manufactured;
  • manufacturing prizes for winners of various contests, competitions and festivals;
  • guaranteed satisfaction of even most demanding customers due to our flexibility, experience and manufacturing capabilities. 

    Borisov Crystal Factory makes it very easy for you to find a present for yourself, your friends or loved ones among the articles made of crystal, as well as colored or colorless glass.

    By choosing us, you get an opportunity to enjoy the high quality of the products offered at very affordable prices.

    Crystal is back in fashion!

    We are glad to be of service to you!